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Jaimy Breihan – Best of the Best Quotes (San Marcos Mercury)

I want to also be a good steward of this wonderful jewel, with all of my heart and soul, so that our descendants can see what God made, in its untainted beauty. Jaimy L. Breihan 12/16/11

If one does not ever reach for the stars, he will certainly never grow any closer to them by being a ” Doubting Thomas” and spreading apathy, discontent, and general negativity around when a good idea presents itself. Time will certainly tell, and believe me, no one is trying to negate the property owners rights, only to provide a better way of honoring them! Happy Friday, yee Haw cole slaw ya hoo bar-b-que, Jaimy L. Breihan 12/16/2011

So, this may just be a dream to some, or many, however, only those willing to dream can ever effect positive change in our society, as free thinkers. Peace to all. Jaimy L. Breihan 12/17/2011

Have a nice day, be nice to your pets and all the other critters of Gods creation, even the mean spirited 2-legged ones! Sincerely, Jaimy L. Breihan 12/16/2011

Yes, sometimes dreams start out with just a cry of the heart, and end up becoming a reality that makes our world a better place for all of creation! I think God was a pretty good designer, no doubt! Jaimy L. Breihan 12/16/2011

There are a multitude of kindred souls that are diligently preparing to be the best stewards of the canyon possible, if we are simply given the opportunity. There have been false accusations in the papers, a feeble attempt to discredit those that have only love and hope in their hearts, and are trying to do the right thing, against what at first appeared to be an insurmountable challenge. Each beautiful spirit has spoken, when allowed, and together, hopefully, a just outcome will prevail. I love this beautiful city on the hill, and yes, my past is littered with mistakes, but that does not mean that redemption cannot be mine, by making wiser choices today and in the future. My heart only longs to protect the very things that have shaped its purpose. Sincerely, Jaimy L. Breihan 12/17/2011

Well written! The time has come to engage the realtor controlled city government and put people in office that are not part of the “fast track rubber stamp machine ” that is currently destroying our beautiful shining city on the hill! Raise your voices, each and every soul, and effect positive change before our jewel is raped to death! Jaimy L. Breihan 12/10/11

For the moment, a victory! Thanks to all that passionately spoke the truth about the real facts that will impact our neighborhoods, our eco-system (especially our river) and our lives in general here in San Marcos! I for one have regained a sense that maybe the political process can work, if enough concerned citizens get involved and speak up when issues confront us. JLB 1/18/12


Dano, are you really so very dense that you can not understand that it is not development, but STUPID development, that is undesirable to the majority of our citizens? Wake up, I personally make my living in the construction business, and, we are very busy wiring buildings all over town right now, but none are in environmentally sensitive areas, or where infrastructure can’t support them! Just the facts, like they say, you can lead a horse to water, but it must be smart enough to drink, or it will surely perish form thirst. JLB 1/23/12

By the way, DC and CJM have made no attempt whatsoever, to allow those that wish to preserve this canyon to discuss what funds would be required! I have complete faith, that the cumulative energy and passion of those that truly care about our river, our neighborhoods, our unique river and surrounding environment, will rally to the mission of preserving them!!! Sometimes that which is most valued and appreciated takes ones complete faith and commitment to attain! I firmly believe that the time has come for our city leaders, our citizens, and those that support the vision of preserving and protecting that which is irreplaceable. We truly have a window of opportunity to do the right thing, before the irreversible damage is done and future generations are forced to suffer the consequences! I for one remain steadfast in my efforts to achieve this honorable goal, regardless of the seemingly insurmountable evil that opposes this beautiful vision! This is not now, and has never been a baseless vision, and is in no way an attack on all developments, only those that will forever diminish the very things that so many of us love with our hearts, minds, and souls. The light will always overcome the darkness, and peace will return to our midst once again. jlb


Forgive me, if at times I have been too forceful with my comments, and acknowledge the falsehoods that have inspired those forceful retorts! May God forgive me, and inspire me to do that which lays ahead, for it is a noble and worthy desire to keep San Marcos a beautiful, environmentally sound little oasis! Peace to all! Jaimy L. Breihan, Common Citizen 2/11/12

May God answer the prayers of a multitude of passionate, concerned, and dedicated citizens that have sacrificed their time, families, and resources to find a better solution for the future conservation of this little patch of nature. It has somehow survived, relatively unchanged, for generations, and hopefully will remain so for many more to yet come! I, we, hold no malice in our hearts towards the landowners that want out, and only hope for a solution that will relieve them of stewardship, and transfer it to new stewards! This is surely a noble cause, even as seemingly insurmountable as the facts are that stand against it. JLB 2/13/12

From that multitude of mistakes, I have also learned many lessons, and there will be many more to come no doubt! Yes, I think it is a good thing to admonish the source of lies and treachery, when I, my friends and neighbors, and countless other citizens of San Marcos are forced to endure the consequences of said evil in our midst. So Mr. Skeptical, I sense that I know who you are, and I hold no contempt for you, but wish you the best, and respect your right to your OPINIONS. Peace, JLB 1/12/12

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