Jaimy’s Verse

SHATTERED INNOCENCE:As I walked outside one cold, overcast morning I found myself in a place full of many familiar sights and sounds. The barren trees before me distinctly revealed the harsh lifelessness that accompanies wintertime. The quiet woods surrounding me seemed magically held captive by an unseen force, one that perhaps we all must reckon with. Aside from myself, two other youths also entered this relatively undisturbed area. These young men surpassed me in age by approximately three years. To the best of my recollection, I had recently turned seven. After hiking only a short distance with my companions, I realized that they intended to kill something. The thought of this disturbed me immediately. Armed with instruments of death, these hunters thirsted anxiously for the innocent prey they longed to conquer. Knowing this, I felt strangely terrified of the evil situation and feared the horrible reality it represented. A growing feeling of contempt towards my companions now weighed heavily upon my mind. Deep within my heart, I longed to quell their violent quest. Several shots rang out, and for a brief moment their echo held time in captivity. Startled birds immediately took flight. The tranquil world they once enjoyed suddenly filled with danger.  A small sparrow now appeared, lifeless, on the ground before me. Initially, I felt nauseous. The thought of a defenseless creature yielding its life to thoughtless folly enraged me. For what seemed like endless moments, I succumbed to tearful reflection. To my previously innocent eyes, the whole situation appeared totally unjust. I desperately sought to understand this tragic sequence of events. The balance of right and wrong revealed itself clearly to me.
From this first absolute confrontation with death I learned a valuable lesson: Man’s nature is clearly evident in the deeds he performs.
Written in the Fall of 1988
J.L. Breihan


Bright blue sky,
and clear mountain air,
with wild flowers growing,
off the sun’s warm glare. 
Crisp pure water
flowing down from the rocks,
quenching the thirst,
of the flourishing flocks. 
New life springs forth,
as nature unfolds,
such marvelous splendor,
no other holds.
J.L. Breihan


Roughened fragments,
initially offering no brilliance for the world to behold,
tumbling aimless at times,
our beauty ever so slowly begins to unfold.
Sometimes veiled in obscurity,
momentarily embraced by the mossy mire,
our burdens seem to consume,
as if fueled by the flames of life’s fire.
In a fleeting moment,
the current again polishes to a magnificent sheen,
until at last we have become,
Jewels of the Stream.
J.L. Breihan
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  5 Responses to “Jaimy’s Verse”

  1. I have been watching the workings of humanity, every since this incident, so many years ago. JLB

  2. Time for action…..jlb

  3. Haunting story Jaimy, but I totally connected with it. Beautiful poems too ~ very touching. You bring so much passion to this issue 🙂

  4. Jaimy my friend your words so beautiful just learned this morning about your passing been out state couple yrs went by cafe on sq breakfast asked about you and your family waitress told me about the accident may our LORD BLESS YOUR SOUL you will be missed my friend, love jj

  5. Thank you for posting these beautiful writings.

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