Jan 122015
A reminder that the Planning and Zoning Commission meets tomorrow, Tuesday, January 13, 6 pm, at City Hall. The biggest item on the agenda affecting our neighborhood is the Preferred Scenario Amendment requested by Campus Village Communities for the end of Alamo St, where it meets Sessom Dr.
Currently the area is classified as Low Intensity/Area of Stability and Neighborhood Area Protection/Conservation. This allows single family, no apartments residential dwellings. The amendment would change to Redevelopment/Infill, which allows up to MF-12 apartments, townhomes and some other uses. MF-12 is a density of 12 units per acre, and would be the “base zoning” for the block.
The developer has said that he wishes to develop using a Planned Development District (PDD) so as to go beyond the Redevelopment/Infill restrictions. His intentions are:
  • Maximum height of two stories on Orchard and Alamo. three stories on Sessoms and Academy
  • Unit sizes of 1-3 bedrooms. No units larger than 3BR.
  • Rent by the unit
  • Maximum of 300 person occupancy
  • Mixed use component with retail, green space, and outdoor seating
  • A parking deck that will be partially buried at one end
  • Our commitment to helping T the intersection and add pedestrian street improvements to improve safety and walkability
  • Follow the new multifamily building standards for San Marcos
“300 person occupancy” means a 300 bed apartment complex, according to the developer’s consultant. There is also to be a “preponderance” of 1 and 2 bedroom units, and the developer mentioned a bed to unit ration in the low 2s. This implies somewhere around 130 units, in a 4 acre space.
There have been some letters sent to the P&Z, but if you have not yet expressed your thoughts to them, please do so now. If you can, please attend the meeting tomorrow night.
Planning and Zoning Commissioners:

 Corey Carothers coreycarothers@gmail.com

 Curtis Seebeck curtis@builtbydoc.com

 Travis Kelsey taproomtexas@hotmail.com

 Kenneth Ehlers kenneth@kerhomes.com

 Christopher Wood chrisswood2@gmail.com

 Angie Ramirez     angierochelle@gmail.com

 Jim Garber jimgarber001@yahoo.com

 Brian Olson no email address

 Amy Stanfield no email address

Planning department: Planning_Info@sanmarcostx.gov
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Jan 082015

KVUE TV in Austin reports on conflict of interest at San Marcos City Hall. Wood & Thomason Contractors owned by Ryan Thomason (San Marcos City Council Member-Place 5) and Chris Wood (Planning and Zoning Board Commissioner) are listed on several Building Permits for the Uptown Apartment Complex on Thorpe Lane, A Casey Development Project. All of these permits together have a valuation of well over 7 million dollar.   Another Casey Development Project, Concho Commons, recently came before the P&Z board to expand from 13 to 15 floors, Chris Wood voted to approve this expansion, Ryan Thomason recused himself from the vote when it came before the City Council. Below is a link to the KVUE report on this matter.


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Nov 022014

I am appalled and disappointed in the tactics of my opponent regarding two of his (many) mailers.  The inaccuracies and misleading information is deceitful.  

He states that only he has a record we can trust.  Really?  After this deceitful flyer?

 Wayne says there were 3200 apartment units built in San Marcos during my term on City Council.  These units include senior housing on Stagecoach, apartments on the east side of IH 35, and others NOT IN ESTABLISHED SINGLE FAMILY NEIGHBORHOODS.  Many of these were already zoned for apartments.  The largest of these was 287 units.  I didn’t vote to rezone land in established neighborhoods from SF (single family) to apartment zoning.  Wayne voted for THREE 1,000 bed units in three votes!

 Wayne says there were no major employers attracted to San Marcos during my terms on the city council.

During the years 1996-2002 Hays Energy came to San Marcos, as did Target.  Both received incentives as did Pavestone, T B Woods, Inc., Thermon  (expansion),  and the Genlyte (Wide-Lite) expansion.  We didn’t have the Greater San Marcos Partnership to recruit companies. 

Regarding Wayne’s claim of hundreds of high wage jobs:

I would like to see a list of these.  Might be true, I don’t know.  They aren’t listed on the www.greatersanmarcostx.com website, however I find this about Mensor: “The $7.5-million investment will create an estimated 40 jobs over a 10-year period,” said GSMP Chairman Will Conley.”  OK, there’s 40.  Where’s the rest?

 Mailer says this of Jane:  Voted to raise property taxes two times during her tenure

When Jane was elected, the tax rate was 46 cents.  In Sept 1996 we LOWERED it to 44 cents.  In 1997 we LOWERED it to 43.5 cents.  In 1998, NO CHANGE.  In 1999 we set it back to 46 + .1 cents. 

During Jane’s time on Council, councilmembers were hearing many complaints from citizens about needed street repairs.  Staff told us how many lane miles they were funded to repair each year.  Divide that into the total number of lane miles meant that anyone’s street, on the average, would receive attention once every 50 years.  The citizens wanted more and it took a tax increase to do it.  We began the Six-Year Street Overlay program and streets were maintained, repaved, as needed.  The program continued after Jane left the council.  

 Jane Hughson

See Jane’s Page Here: http://janehughson.org/


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Oct 302014

In a political contest, if you want to know who has your best interest at heart, you must “follow the money”. The ongoing campaign between Wayne Becak and Jane Hughson is a case in point (it’s Deja Vu all over again). The same sort of differences between campaigns was seen in the race between Lisa Prewitt and Bill Taylor. Bill Taylor got most of his campaign contributions from realtors and construction / developer types, and Lisa Prewitt got most of hers from local neighborhood and business folks. The contributions received by Bill Taylor were well over 10 times those received by Lisa Prewitt, but Lisa won the election in a landslide. I remember, at the time, I was so proud to see our democracy really working and not being ruled by the big money machine.

I hope we will all see the truth about who is really looking out for the interest of the people of San Marcos. look at the voting record and the source of money for the campaign of the incumbent, Wayne Becak, and turn out at the polls to support Jane Hughson.

Following is a graphical synopsis of the political campaign contributions for Wayne Becak :

Wayne Becak:



image (5)











Looking at Jane Hughson’s contributions you see a completely different scenario, and you don’t need a pie chart to illustrate it. Jane’s  contributors are local business people, retirees, university professors, and just local neighborhood folks. Only two contribution came from outside of San Marcos. The median contribution was $100.

Please take some time to review, for yourself, the financial disclosures for both candidates at the city website: http://www.ci.san-marcos.tx.us/index.aspx?page=69

AND TURN OUT TO VOTE Early or on November 4th!

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