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In the San Marcos City Council race for Place 6, the incumbent, Shane Scott is being challenged by Melissa Derrick. Like the race between Lisa Prewitt and Bill Taylor in the previous election, the line has been drawn between developer/real estate interests and neighborhood preservation/environmental interests in the current election. This becomes apparent simply by looking where campaign signs are placed around town. Many of the signs for the developer candidates are placed in empty lots that also contain real estate office “For Sale” signs. The same locations have been reserved for real estate/developer candidates during local elections going back many years. If you knew nothing about the candidates, you could get a good indication of their affiliations simply by observing where their election signs are placed. On the other hand, the signs for the neighborhood preservation/environmental protection candidates are predominantly placed in family neighborhoods and in front of single-family homes.

Insight into who is backing each candidate is more precisely shown in the finance reports filed 30 days before the election. These Finance reports can be viewed on the City of San Marcos website at the following link: http://www.sanmarcostx.gov/index.aspx?page=69.

Research was done on the affiliation of each donor and presented here for the Scott and Derrick finance reports. Affiliation was determined by an internet search of the name of the donor and by determining the person’s association with a particular industry, job, connection to a nonprofit organization or professional organization, etc. That said, my conclusions are my own. I encourage voters to examine the candidate’s financial reports for themselves in order to draw their own conclusions. I know that the more educated voters become, the better it is for the candidates Protect San Marcos supports.

The affiliations of donors are shown in the graphical summation shown below.

In addition, addresses for each donor are also given in the finance reports. The data on this metric is summarized graphically below by “In San Marcos “ donations vs. “Out-of-Town” donations.

Graphs For Shane Scott:


Graphs For Melissa Derrick:

In conclusion, it is obvious that the bulk of donations for Shane Scott’s campaign comes from out- of-town developers. The remainder comes from real estate-related businesses and others in San Marcos. Donors contributing to Melissa Derrick’s campaign, on the other hand, are overwhelmingly people living in San Marcos who work in a variety of industries.

The 30-day financial report showed total contributions for Melissa Derrick to be $4,458. Shane Scott reported $14,848.00. Shane Scott reported zero contributions of $50 or less, while Melissa Derrick reported contributions of $1007 in $50 or less.

The bad news is that developer/real estate candidates can afford lots of big signs in prime locations and postage for several slick mailers going to every potential voter. The good news is that out-of-town developers cannot vote in the San Marcos city council election– but you can, and so can your neighbor. As we saw in the election rout of Bill Taylor, money is not always the deciding factor in our city elections. The winner is determined by informed citizens exercising their right to vote.


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