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Last week, Protect San Marcos announced our endorsement of Candidate Scott Gregson for Place 5. Today we announce our endorsement for Place 6. Primary issues for Protect San Marcos include preservation of the unique character and culture of our city, defense of family neighborhoods, and protection of the San Marcos River. With this in mind, there is a very clear and obvious choice for San Marcos City Council Place 6. Protect San Marcos enthusiastically endorses Melissa Derrick for Place 6.

The following statement from Melissa was sent to us for publication today:

I am an active volunteer in this community we all call home. I am a member of the San Marcos River Foundation, and a Neighborhood Commissioner for Sector 2, while also acting as the Treasurer for the Board of Advisors at Katherine Anne Porter School in Wimberley. I also served on our City Charter Review Committee. I received a B.A. in Journalism from Texas State University. I have worked at the university for twenty years in budget management, a job that requires strict adherence to budgetary guidelines. I’ve raised my children in San Marcos and it is here that my husband and I built a computer repair and resale business. I will work to maintain, strengthen, and expand our vibrant economic and cultural elements.

It is time for me to use the knowledge I have gained to serve my community and let citizen’s voices be heard with my vote as a council member. I have studied our city’s codes, I regularly meet with citizens and speak at city meetings. I do so to express concerns in our community. This year’s election is key to the future of San Marcos, as we continue a remarkable period of growth. When elected, I will focus on preserving our river and natural resources, protecting our neighborhood integrity, while at the same time promoting responsibly-managed growth.

I will work diligently to ensure that our new Master Plan is followed as our Land Development Code continues to be updated. Following the Master Plan increases predictability in the development of San Marcos. Predictability instills the trust vital for our prosperity and will prevent San Marcos from becoming just another bedroom community along the I-35 corridor. Our neighborhoods are the backbone of our city and our small town sensibility – derived in large part from families who have lived here for generations. I plan to push hard to bring decent paying jobs with benefits to San Marcos, while maintaining strict fiscal responsibility. The impact on current citizens and existing business’ will be prioritized in every vote I cast.

I will promote the ongoing effort to create a dynamic downtown, alive with the arts, music, entertainment, and unique local businesses. I will help cultivate a prosperous economy while setting high standards for employers, developers, and businesses that we invite to join in shaping our city’s future.

Flood plain management and support of engineering efforts towards long term solutions are of paramount importance. I will not suffer from flood amnesia. I will support efforts for flood recovery and reducing the costs of rebuilding.

I will prove myself a worthy asset to City Council, because I will endeavor to find balance between growth and preservation, city and university needs, while keeping an eye on the future, knowing decisions made today will create the San Marcos inherited by future generations.

~ Melissa
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