Sep 132015

Protect San Marcos will endorse two candidates for city council. In the upcoming city council elections, there are two clear choices if you are for the preservation of family neighborhoods and protection of the San Marcos River. Protect San Marcos proudly endorses Scott Gregson for Place 5.

The following statement from Scott was sent to us for publication on our website:

I’m running for City Council to make certain you have a voice at City Hall. A voice that respects what you have to say and with the experience to lead our city forward while preserving and defending our unique character, vision and charm. I believe that we must protect and respect the San Marcos River, defend our neighborhoods from continued irresponsible development, demand transparency and openness in government, work to create meaningful jobs that will employ every citizen at or above a living wage, and provide necessary benefits like healthcare.

My record of working to protect neighborhoods is clear. I am against rent by the bedroom apartment projects in or near existing single-family neighborhoods. I advocated to local business leaders that Capes Camp be a park, showcasing our most cherished natural asset. I opposed other apartment projects such as Sessom Canyon, The Retreat, and the Buie Tract (Capstone).

In stark contrast, my opponent has supported those on Council who voted for Capes Camp and has also spoken on behalf of organizations whose leadership spoke in favor of Sessom Canyon and continues to promote these very types of development.

Who we elect to City Council has lasting consequences. Bad decisions regarding development haunt us for generations. Bad development doesn’t equate to good economic development. Some in our business community don’t seem to realize that there are many of us who live in San Marcos because of the life-style we enjoy, not just the money to be made from irresponsible developments that litter our landscape.

If asked, I won’t vote for projects like this, EVER!

I believe in encouraging a vibrant downtown by promoting office and residential options, as well as more choices for dining and entertainment, not just more bars. Additionally, I am for diversity in available housing options to include affordable housing and the pursuit of long-term water supplies to ensure the security of our community for generations to come.

I earned a degree in Finance from Texas A&M and an MBA from Harvard. With this education I have a career in managing companies and their finances in the private sector. With this experience, I will bring to our City Council an analytical background to make certain when companies come asking for our tax dollars, we get the win, not simply give them a windfall.

As a local business owner for the past 20 years and a 15-year resident of San Marcos area, I have served and currently volunteer on numerous boards and commissions including the vice-Chair of the Citizen’s Utility Advisory Board.

I love this city and invest my time, talent and passion for San Marcos out of respect to a great community and I ask for your vote to allow me the opportunity to serve you on City Council.

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