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In a political contest, if you want to know who has your best interest at heart, you must “follow the money”. The ongoing campaign between Wayne Becak and Jane Hughson is a case in point (it’s Deja Vu all over again). The same sort of differences between campaigns was seen in the race between Lisa Prewitt and Bill Taylor. Bill Taylor got most of his campaign contributions from realtors and construction / developer types, and Lisa Prewitt got most of hers from local neighborhood and business folks. The contributions received by Bill Taylor were well over 10 times those received by Lisa Prewitt, but Lisa won the election in a landslide. I remember, at the time, I was so proud to see our democracy really working and not being ruled by the big money machine.

I hope we will all see the truth about who is really looking out for the interest of the people of San Marcos. look at the voting record and the source of money for the campaign of the incumbent, Wayne Becak, and turn out at the polls to support Jane Hughson.

Following is a graphical synopsis of the political campaign contributions for Wayne Becak :

Wayne Becak:



image (5)











Looking at Jane Hughson’s contributions you see a completely different scenario, and you don’t need a pie chart to illustrate it. Jane’s  contributors are local business people, retirees, university professors, and just local neighborhood folks. Only two contribution came from outside of San Marcos. The median contribution was $100.

Please take some time to review, for yourself, the financial disclosures for both candidates at the city website: http://www.ci.san-marcos.tx.us/index.aspx?page=69

AND TURN OUT TO VOTE Early or on November 4th!

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  1. Great article, but both of the pie charts are labeled for Becak!

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