Sep 092014
From Sessom Creek Neighbors Newsletter:
Alamo Street Apartments
Campus Village Communities is back for another attempt at developing the property at the end of Alamo St, where it intersects with Sessom Dr.
This time, they have scaled back their request, limiting it to the land between Alamo and Academy, and left out the other side of Alamo in the direction of the water tank. They have not made it clear when or if they plan to develop on the water tank side of Alamo St., as planned in their original request last February. It cannot be certain until they have filed their Planned Development District (PDD), but they may have reduced the number of beds by around 100 from their request in February. At that time, they withdrew their request when it failed at the Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z), so we never got to see their PDD and the final size of the project.
The first step in the development process is to change the Preferred Scenario Map, in this case from an Area of Stability to Medium Density. Area of Stability is essentially low density, single family. Medium Density would allow for Vertical Mixed Use zoning, which allows for mixed retail and multi-family buildings. Campus Village Communities is in the business of building mixed use, rent by the bedroom student housing. Their tentative plans call for 3 and 4 story buildings surrounding a parking garage. The matter before the P&Z at this time is only the Preferred Scenario Amendment (PSA).
Their PSA is one of five requests. The original timeline called for the P&Z to “be advised of these Preferred Scenario requests at their regular meeting on September 9, and is scheduled to take action on September 23, following a public hearing. The City Council will be advised of these requests at their regular meeting on September 16, and is scheduled to take action on October 21, following a public hearing,” according to material distributed by the city.
However,  Campus Village Communities has advised the city they can’t keep that schedule. The timeline now available from the city states,”Campus Village Communities has requested postponement of their public hearings. This item will be scheduled for public hearing at the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting on Tuesday November 25th and City Council on Tuesday December 16th.” It is assumed that votes will be taken the same nights following the public hearings.
This is a two month delay. The postponement means that the public hearings and votes will be the week of Thanksgiving for P&Z , and for council at its last meeting before Christmas. It may be only a coincidence, but the delay also pushes the votes to after the November 4 election.
A public hearing during the holidays certainly limits the opportunity for full public participation. If not out of town, many people are busy with family and other matters. If you want to make your opinion known to the planning department, the P&Z, and the city council, but are unsure if you will be available, don’t wait to contact your city government. The planners make a recommendation to P&Z and council, so be sure to include them.
Contact info:
 Planning and Development Services and the Planning and Zoning Commission:

 phone: 512.393.8230


City Council:
or individually at:

Mayor Danial Guerrero

Lisa Prewitt

Jude Prather

John Thomiades

Wayne Becak

Ryan Thomason

Shane Scott

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