Jun 172014
The Neighborhood Commission is holding a workshop on Rental Registration and wants citizen input. The workshop will be at City Hall, in the council chambers, Wednesday, June 18, 6 pm. 
Rental registration is common in other cities, even in Texas, with at least 20 Texas cities adopting rental registration ordinances, including Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington. It has proven to be helpful in maintaining quality rental residences and in solving code enforcement issues. Registration can help identify both problem properties and problem landlords, preventing a race to the bottom in rents and rental conditions. Responsible landlords should welcome it, but the last time it was introduced there was much fear-driven misinformation, and it failed. The Neighborhood Commission has been working on this since last fall.
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  1. I am a landlord and i see no reason to resist this. I am interested in the details, that I am sure, will be discussed Wednesday…

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