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On November 22, 2011, carter Morris Recused himself from the P&Z meeting in which the Proposed Rezoning of Sessom Creek property associated with the Casey project was being discussed. The following is an excerpt of the ethics complaint filed by Forrest Fulkerson: “The recusal should be based on the following, which apply to Carter Morris 2.423(a)(1)(A),Randall Morris & Associates 2.423(a)(1)(E),(F), and Randall Morris 2.423 (a)(1)(B) : San Marcos Ethics Code section 2.423 (a) General rule. It is unlawful for a city official or employee to take any official action that he or she knows is likely to:(1) Affect an economic interest of: (A) The official; (B) His or her immediate family member; (E) Business entity in which the official…or of his or her immediate family member holds an economic interest; (F) Business entity for which the city official serves as an officer or director, or in any other policy making decisions. Morris has filed disclosures of conflict of interest required by the San Marcos Code of Ethics (SMCE).  He is, therefore, prohibited from “further participation in the matter” of Darren Casey Sessoms Creek project as provided by section 2.423 (c)(1) SMCE, including engaging in “discussions with any persons likely to consider the matter . . . .” “

Here is a link to the City Ethics ordnance:

Below are copies of both complaints filed with the ethics committee and  a video excerpt of the City Council meeting on January 17, 2012, where Carter Morris discussed his association with the project and reasons that he thought it should be approved.

The Ethics hearing will be held on September 11, 2013 …. more info on this later…

Carter Morris Ethics Complaint I 6-29-2013

Carter Morris Ethics Complaint II City Council Appearance


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  1. The law needs to followed, and Mr. Morris needs to be held to account if he has violated the law. I don’t care what real estate agents and investors want to do with our city, highly developing the Sessoms area across from the university would hurt the river and the quality of life for San Marcians! Which witch? Who proofreads this site anyway?

    • Rick, I am a horrible speller and Homophones give me hell. I corrected my Which Witch in the post. Hey, I am good at math though… Oh, and to answer your question, no one proof reads it….. Are you looking for a job with no pay and little recognition??? LOL

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