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On Tuesday Night June 18 at the regular meeting of the San Marcos, Texas City Council meeting, while discussing item 17(Consider approval of Resolution 2013-79R, approving a partial assignment of a Development Agreement originally approved by Resolution No. 2009-166R from Craddock Avenue Partners, L.L.C. to Capstone Collegiate Communities, L.L.C. as to 35.429 acres of land out of a 148.774 acre tract subject to the Development Agreement located along Craddock Avenue at Wonder World Drive also known as the Buie Tract; authorizing the City Manager to execute a consent to the partial assignment on behalf of the City; and declaring an effective date.), Kim Porterfield expressed insight into her feelings about people who voice their concerns about rent-by-the-bedroom developments in the wrong places. Below is the excerpt:

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  One Response to “Kim Porterfield’s preceptions about concerned neighbors, home owners and students”

  1. People are people Kim! Even people that own St Augustine! People know that when student-people get drunk, they do stuff. I guess that you are trying to make a point, but the spin is making my nose bleed. We are not against student-people, but the forces that are milking and taking from our town. Developers that request a zoning change and then sell the development leaving us to deal with the bad planning, (does the Retreat, come to mind?), are the culprits that are creating the instability. I guess in a way the participating city council members and planning and zoning commissioners are also responsible. Let us not forget the elephant in the room, the university, (not the students), who is pumping up the costs of tuition and overbuilding/overextending their enrollment projections, is also a culprit! This display of feigned concern, I say crocodile tears!! (or horse hocky, or malarkey!) or fill in the blank for yourself!!! Let’s not invest in the looming student loan bubble that the university is investing in. We could get stuck with empty apartments, not paying taxes etc…!

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