May 272013

The following is a video that shows two streams going into the San Marcos River, one from the East and one from the West. The one from the west brings in a lot of silt, the one from the East, none that can be seen. From the East the water flows across a grass filled ditch, the one from the West flows from the direction of Downtown. I suspect that much of the silt on the West came from the parking lot construction project off of CM Allen, where I assume the City took all “required” precautions in order to minimize the flow of silt into the river. However, this silt may have built up here over the years…not sure. If this much silt is in the river from the relatively minimal rain we have gotten over the last couple of days, I wonder what would have happened during a real gully washer?

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  1. Thank you Larry for the video, thats was beautifully done and you pretty much covered it all !

  2. Wow Larry, EXCELLENT!! Can we show this at the CC meeting?? I’d imagine we can, seems to be about 3 mins to me.

  3. That is a visually stunning video and the information seems factual and pertinent. Keep the San Marcos River from becoming the LA River. Impressive.

  4. I have heard that concerns about effluence into the San Marcos River have no bearing on decisions for local development. I’ve heard that any nominal compliance with state regulations is enough to satisfy the governing officials of our city. That makes me sad and angry.

    This video is very well done. I think it should be persuasive. I hope our citizens find this easily, and I hope our citizens are persuadable where our officials apparently are not.

    I am sorry to write in such a negative tone. My best hope is that the current development scheme will be turned down directly, and I’ll be left with no reason to doubt the wisdom or ethics of our city leadership.

  5. Excellent video!!! Thank you for all your hard work. I hope you can share it with more of the residents of San Marcos so they can see the power the P & Z and our Council has regarding our future.

  6. Thank you so much for this beautiful and informative video, Larry!

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