Apr 252012

Yesterday, April 24, 2012, ETR Development Consulting, L.L.C., on behalf of Darren Casey Interests, Inc., submitted a new Planned Development District (PDD) for properties located at Sessom Drive and Loquat Street.

Since the previous PDD was withdrawn, this project/PDD is a brand new submittal and will restart the process from the beginning, including a new watershed protection plan and traffic impact analysis.

The project site is consists of approximately 9.06 acres of land consisting of existing platted lots, unplatted parcels, and various undeveloped platted rights-of-way that are proposed for abandonment. The applicants are proposing base zoning changes from single-family (SF-6) to Vertical Mixed Use (VMU) and SF-6 to TH (Townhouse Residential District) along with future land use map amendments from LDR (Low Density Residential) to Mixed Use and Medium Density Residential.

The project is proposed to be developed as a 354 unit, 742 bedroom mixed use development incorporating a mixture of ground floor retail uses with multiple stories of loft apartments along the frontage of Sessom Drive and townhomes towards the rear of the property functioning as a transition in land use intensity from the development along Sessom Drive. Parking will be provided through a combination of structured parking and surface parking.

The proposed calendar for PDD-12-01 is as follows:

If for any reason the items are not submitted on time, the schedule will be modified.

APRIL 24, 2012 – Application Submitted

MAY 1, 2012 ­ – Send Applicant complied comments

MAY 4, 2012 – Complete Revisions Due back from Applicant

MAY 11, 2012 – Public Hearing Notice Due

MAY 22, 2012 – Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting

JUNE 19, 2012 – 1st reading at City Council Meeting

JULY 3, 2012 – 2nd reading at City Council Meeting

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