Jan 182012

The City Council tonight voted 4-3 against approving the Sessom Creek development! Council members Thomason, Prather, and Becak voted in favor of the rezoning, while Thomaides, Scott, Porterfield and Mayor Guerrero voted against. More info can be found on statesman.com.

Update 1/118: Here’s an article from the San Marcos Mercury about the vote: http://smmercury.com/52807/hundreds-pack-city-hall-to-fight-rezoning/

After the motion to approve failed, Council member John Thomaides made a motion to deny, which would have stopped the project for one year. However, no one else would second the motion and the developer subsequently withdrew the rezoning request. So, they may bring up a modified request in the near future.

So what happens next? It’s unclear for now, but we’ll update this place when we know more.

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  1. For the moment, a victory! We must be vigilant though, the developer will probably modify the footprint, void the petition, and resubmit again, and again. This is often the course of action. Please keep your eye on the ball, which is the process at city hall, as well as the actual developement. JLB

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