Jan 092012

Planning & Zoning Commission Regular Meeting

Tuesday, January 10, 2012, 6:00 PM

Council Chambers

630 E. Hopkins Street

Haven’t we been here before? The Sessom Creek development has come back to the P & Z for approval tonight January 10, 2012 at 6PM. Links to the one page agenda and the full agenda packet are on the city’s website. Recall that the last time this issue came up for a vote, there was a 4-4 split causing no recommendation sent to the city council. The city council sent the issue back to P&Z, but now the makeup of the commission has changed slightly.

Sherwood Bishop completed his term at the end of 2011, and Corey Carothers will take over his seat tomorrow. Bishop cast one of the  4 votes against the approval of the Sessom Creek development, so Commissioner Carothers’s vote will be very important.

Here is the contact info for everybody on the commission. Please send them your thoughts on the Sessom Creek development and let them know how the community feels about the rampant encroachment of multi-use developments into our single-family neighborhoods:

Bill Taylor , Chair – bill@btainsurance.com
Bucky Couch, Vice Chair – buckycouch@gmail.com
Curtis O. Seebeck – curtis@builtbydoc.com
Randy Bryan – netchecks@gmail.com
Chris Wood – chriswood2@gmail.com
Kenneth Ehlers – kenneth@kerhomes.com
Travis Kelsey – taproomtexas@hotmail.com
Corey Carothers – coreycarothers@gmail.com
Entire Commission – Planning_Info@sanmarcostx.gov

Here are the latest documents and site plans for the Sessom Creek development:

PDD Document
Site Plan 1
Site Plan 2

And here is a map of all of the recent multi-family developments in San Marcos. This includes completed projects as well as those under construction and those in the planning stages.

So, please come to the P&Z meeting tonight. There is no public hearing, so if you want to speak you must sign up before 5:45PM. The citizen comment period only lasts 30 minutes, so not everybody will get a chance to speak. So, sign up as early as possible to ensure your chances. You know that the developers will! Even if you don’t want to speak, please be there. The presence of hundreds of citizens in the council chambers will speak volumes to the commissioners!

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