Dec 302011

In case you missed it before, The San Marcos River Foundation (SMRF) commissioned an engineer to review the proposed Sessom Creek development plans and determine what effects it may have on the river. Dr. Lauren Ross of Glenrose Engineering performed the review and her full report can be downloaded here. Here is the report’s conclusion:

In summary, the proposed Planned Development District would significantly contribute to increased storm flows, stream bank erosion, and pollution from the site into Sessom Creek. The effect of these changes would not be fully mitigated by terms in the proposed Planned Development District entitlement agreement. Because of the size of the development, its high impervious cover, and its location in a sensitive headwaters area, and its location on and adjacent to steeply-sloping land, the potential likelihood of erosion, flooding and water quality degradation is correspondingly high. Neither State of Texas nor City of San Marcos regulations, nor the proposed development agreement require mitigation of these consequences.

If you want to show your appreciation for all of the work that SMRF does in protecting our river, you can head over to and donate money or volunteer your time.

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  1. Be sure to thank these wonderful people for their years of dedication to protecting our river ! Selfless warriors no doubt! jlb 🙂

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