Dec 302011

I am so grateful for so many gifts of life as this year ends and 2012 begins!

The welling up of “community” has been one of the greatest Joys to witness and be a part of. This letter I got this morning from Lee, and it says it all with such Heartfelt Words–it inspires me on to Shine with the Stars Lighting All around me.

Thank you! ALL!! Nancy


Hi, Thought of sending an encouragement to act, since we aren’t having meetings yet. ~ Lee A. Cantu


Dear friends of the Sacred Springs,

Before the Thanksgiving holidays we had our last official meeting and I’d voiced a need to stay focused on SSA. Then I saw that the springs are directly linked to Sessom Creek project because the creek watershed drains directly into the waters below Spring Lake. It’s all part of the same system, so this may seem overwhelming with of all the proposed growth in this area. It’s all part of the Edwards Aquifer recharge system and is protected by EAA. So take heart, there are alternatives to destroying the springs and their eco-systems. Other places have viable waterways and strive to keep them that way, like N. Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

This is not a statement against commerce but a plea for the river and the springs that feed her. Yes, water is a natural resource, but let’s not use it so that we might use it up. Let’s remember that it’s a finite source and not an infinite one. There are areas like S. Carolina and Colorado where they expect water shortages to be statewide by 2013. According to the city of Aspen, Co. Clean water sight, “As development increases, more area is paved and less rainwater can soak into the ground. This creates more storm water which carries pollutants to our waterways. Any activities that can create storm water pollution must be prevented or minimized. “ This sounds familiar from recent council meetings, where people sighted a need to preserve our ecology. It’s familiar to me because I was here in the flood of 1998 living on the Martindale Dam. Much of San Marcos was flooded too but this is where we took refuge. Please let’s help each other; beauty and money don’t h

ave to be mutually exclusive. Let’s find a way that we can make this a win/win situation. There are video games that people have created to overcome disease and save lives. Let’s create a game that can save the river, call it, or if you have a better title suggest it. Speak out for the springs/river, even if you are not from San Marcos and only plan to be here a few years. Speak out because it matters, because your voice matters and you can be a resource for nature. We are connected to the earth and the waters as they flow through this town. Your voice matters let it be heard, please protect the springs now, today! Try searching Travis Audubon,,, or any other sight you have read about harmony between nature and people. Then focus on possibility not fear and limitation.

We can protect nature and continue to survive, even thrive in its presence. Let us be a presence for nature and for a secure and safe future for all of us. Write to the council members, news papers, Austin Ecological Services – in less than one week the San Marcos city council votes on Planning and Zoning changes. Let them know how you feel. This is the time to let your voice be heard.

Love and light, Lee

The life I touch for good or ill will touch another life, and that in turn another, until who knows where the trembling stops or in what far place my touch will be felt. ~ Frederick Buechner

Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilites become limitless. ~ Jamie Paolinetti

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  1. Living in harmony with nature is certainly the best way to ensure its safety. Should we lose our beautiful jewel as a result of over developement, the San Marcos River, and the life it sustains, will be impossible to replace . JLB

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