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We want to share a letter from a San Marcos resident that was sent to the P&Z commissioners about the Sessom creek development. We encourage everybody to send an email to the city council expressing your opinion on the matter, especially if you can’t make it to city hall tonight, or don’t feel comfortable speaking in public. Email addresses for each member of the council can be found on the city’s website, and we’ll provide a list at the bottom of this post as well.

Here is a letter from San Marcos resident Frances Breihan:

December 13, 2011


TO:  P&Z Commissioners,


RE:  North Campus Housing Development – Sessom Canyon Project 


I am Frances Breihan, a resident at 111 W. Hillcrest for all but 20 years of my life.  I will not address the environmental issues with this project  as they have been presented.


Ted and I have raised our four children at our present location, and had planned to leave our home to one of them.  Nearing retirement, we evaluated our situation and decided to remain in our home rather than change our location.  We built a beautiful memorial for our daughter, Dawn and built a lovely back deck – thinking that our retirement years would be pleasantly spent in this peaceful setting.


Unfortunately, our view would be drastically changed and the peaceful place we have created would be changed forever.


San Marcos has been flooded with apartment complexes – many as yet are not filled.  The Old Baptist Church was touted as a “real deal” for jobs and business opportunities.  It was a joke – we have been hoodwinked once again by developers.


I know that I speak for our neighbors when I inform you, who hold our future in your hands – do not push us out.  Do not change the zoning.  Do not discount us in favor of developers.


Please, please do not sell us out to the developers who laugh all the way to the bank while we, citizens are left to ponder what the future holds for us.


Frances Breihan


Again, we encourage everybody to send an email to each city council member expressing their personal feelings on the proposed development on Sessom Creek. If you CC, we will reprint your letter here. Let your voice be heard, San Marcos!

City Council Members

City Council –

Mayor – Daniel Guerrero,

Place 1 – Kim Porterfield,

Place 2 – Jude Prather,

Place 3 – Fred Terry,

Place 4 – Wayne Becak,

Place 5 – Ryan Thomasson,

Place 6 – Shane Scott,

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  1. Well stated, mom, all my love, Jaimy 🙂

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